Travel Advices for Cambodia and Siem Reap Angkor Wat Temples Tours

Travel Advices for Travelers to Angkor and Cambodia

Cambodian Visas

Visas can be obtained on entry to Cambodia, at airports and at overland crossing points.

Malaysian and Singaporean citizens do NOT require Visas to enter Cambodia.

Tourist visas cost $20 and are valid for one month. They can be renewed once in Cambodia for an additional month and 45$. Simply ask in a Travel Agency. They will do the paper work for you.

Online E-Visa through the Cambodian Government Web Site

On-Line Cambodian e-Visa NEW : You can get an E visas for $25 and available online in a couple of minutes.

These E Visas can be used on most land crossings points including the popular Poipet route. Theses E Visas save you time and eliminate the Visa scams at that crossing points.

Visit the Official Government  E Visa web page

Visas when arriving from Thailand

Getting a Visa from the Cambodian Embassy in Bangkok is now inconvenient. The office location moved well out of the city centre and they ask extra fees of $5 for express service.

Beware of the Visa scams at the Poipet border where some Thai Travel agency buses stop just short of the border for lunch and offer to get your Cambodian Visa at an inflated price (Up to $40). They wrongly argue there is a long process and can make it for you. There is absolutely no need to do this.

Business Visas have to be obtained before arrival in Cambodia. The cost vary depending on the duration. (1, 3 or 6 months) and are renewable through some travel Agencies.

We have a VISA Service to arrange your VISA needs. Just use the Contact Form and we'll arrange your VISA for you.

Flights to and from Cambodia

Flying directly to Siem Reap

You can fly directly to Siem Reap Airport from Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Laos, Korea, China.

Flying via Phnom Penh

It only takes 45 minutes flying Phnom Penh to Siem Reap.

There is a variable departure tax from Cambodian Airports for internal flights. This applies as well to Phnom Penh Airport and to Siem Reap Airport. There is a 5$ Airport tax for domestic flights and a 25$ Airport tax for international flights.

Arrival in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh and Siem Reap have modern airports with good facilities. Both airports have exchange booths and ATMs dispensing cash in USD.

There are fixed price taxis from both airports; Count around $7 for a short ride to your Hotel.

Road Travel Advices within Cambodia

Now that the roads are improving; travel by bus on main routes are now more reliable and faster. Off the main roads there is little or no public transport.

Buses from Siem Rep to Phnom Penh take around 5 1/2 hours and cost between $4 and $10. There is usually a 1/2 hour stop in Kompong Thom or Skun (depending on the Bus company)

The main Bus station is 3 Km's east of town. It is a very chaotic entry to Siem Reap. Some of the better bus companies have now moved to their own facilities.

Taxis from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap cost $60 for the journey which takes 4-5 Hours

It is also possible to take a boat to Battambang and continue to Phnom Penh by bus; we recommand you to do it in 2 days.

Siem Reap to and from Phnom Penh by road

Now that the road has improved; the bus has now become a cheaper, more reliable and faster option. Buses take around 51/2 hours and cost between $4 and $6 . There is usually a 1/2 hour stop in Kompong Thom. We can arrange a pick up from the Bus Station which has recently moves to the east of Siem Reap Town. It can be very chaotic there on arrival with many drivers and touts. Stay cool; don't rush and look out for our driver with our orange Peace of Angkor board. Taxis can cost from $40+ for the journey which takes 4 Hours. For the train enthusiast, it is also possible to go by rail from Battambang to Phnom Penh; but do not expect speed or comfort when traveling by train in Cambodia!

The Poipet Border  Are You coming from Thailand?

The Poipet Border has not a very good reputation for touts and scams.  It is not a place for the inexperienced or uninformed  traveler; as there are a number of touts who’s primary purpose is to extract money out  of any unsuspecting  tourist who passes through.   Those who try the “easy way” and get a through ticket from Bangkok are most likely to be scammed for excessive visa fees,  money exchange scams and excessive travel delays.  A “cheap ticket bought in Bangkok is likely to cost a lot on both time and money.  It happens every time regardless of that the agency says.

The couriers and touts  are  professional con men;  make fortunes at the expense of the visitors and severely damage the reputation of Cambodia for all the budget tourists that  pass their way.   The bus companies  use delaying tactics and often well rehearsed breakdowns to increase the length of the journey so the passengers arrive late at a commission paying guest house.

The GH owners involved in these scams are  not usually very cooperative (even to those who have booked accommodation elsewhere).  The GH owner pays thousands of dollars in advance for the companies to bring guests to their door.  there are no refunds if the guest goes anywhere else ; so the owner can put a lot of pressure on people to stay.

The more informed independent traveler who follows the advice below and has transport organized through us in advance  will have an easier time and considerably less cost. 

To avoid any problems with touts and scams please follow these instructions or contact us to get your private taxi from the Poipet border

Money & Exchange

Take ample amounts of cash US Dollars here. They are the most widely used currency in Cambodia. You get 6400riel to the GP£ or 4000r to the US$. Some areas near Thailand use Thai Baht, though you would get a worse exchange rate. US$ Travelers cheques are the best ones to have. Commission rates for T/Cs are 2- 4%. It really isn’t worth changing local currency when you arrive, as riels are just used as small change while US Notes more appreciated. There are no coins; just low value notes, the smallest one being 100r. Virtually all businesses convert riels at the following rate of $1 = 4000r. For example when changing dollars and are expecting $1.25 in change you would get $1+1000r (25c).

Temples Passes

There are 3 Temples Passes currently available; all are purchased at the Ticket Office on the road to Angkor Wat. For the multi day passes a passport type photo is required. You can get a photo on the spot; but in busy periods, queues for the photo office can be long.
  • 1 Day $20: giving access to all Temples
  • 3 Day $40: this is the most popular; most of the main sights can be covered in 3 days.
  • 7 Day $60: with this pass you have scope to visit a lot of the outlying sites and can have a rest and relaxation in between.

We recommend a minimum of 3 days to visit the Angkor Temples. The sites are so big and spread out that anything less than that will not really do these fabulous sights justice. The heat Even in the "'cool"' season can make scrambling around the ruins hard work. A week pass is good value for temple enthusiasts; as even some of the smaller sights require a pass. There are a lot of Tourist Police who do spot checks. There are fines for those without a ticket and severe penalties for anyone foolish enough to remove any of the temple artifacts.

Health while in Cambodia

There are no compulsory inoculations; however some vaccinations are strongly advised. Below is just a brief guide. Doctors can give safe advice.

  • Vaccinations : Hepatitis A, B and Tetanus vaccinations are advised. Typhoid, Japanese Encephalitis & Cholera do occur in some areas of Cambodia and can also be inoculated against.
  • Yellow Fever: an inoculation certificate is required if you are traveling from an infected area. It is not normally necessary if you are coming from Europe or USA etc.
  • Malaria and Dengue Fever are a risk in Cambodia; they are both carried by mosquitoes. Within towns and cities like Phnom Penh and Siem Reap areas, Malaria risk is low. Out in the country, one would need to be especially careful after dark. Long sleeves and light coloured trousers will help, as will a good insecticide spray. Doctors and pharmacies prescribe various types of Malarial pills. Some can be very expensive in Europe or USA.. Most common types are easily and cheaply obtained in pharmacies here and in Thailand without prescription.
  • Dengue fever: is more dangerous than Malaria and is very unpleasant. The mosquitoes carrying this disease are active by day. Unfortunately there is no vaccination available, so one should take similar precautions as you would for Malaria Particular care should be taken in the early mornings and late afternoons.
  • Salt deficiency and dehydration: can be a problem if not enough water is taken. Drink far more (water) than you would do in temperate zones and take plenty of salt with food.
  • Health Insurance: is essential as some medical facilities are not up to western standards. We can put you in touch with reliable 24 hour English speaking doctors here in the unlikely event of you being unwell.
  • Food hygiene: and water is a lot better here than many Asian countries. All western run and most Khmer run restaurants provide good safe cooked food. Ice is made in factories so should not be a concern. Water at our villa in Siem reap is relatively clean; taken directly from underground; however we do not advise drinking it! We have ample supplies of clean bottled water for guests.

Land Mines Advices

Cambodia is one of the most heavily mined countries in the World; the large numbers of maimed beggars on the streets are testimony to this. Towns and tourist sights are safe. Only if you go wandering off the paths in rural areas against advice will you be at risk.

Beggars Advices

It is a very sad fact of life here that there are a number of disabled beggars on the streets here. There is no social welfare, but there are disabled support groups like Angkor Association for the Disabled who train disabled people to develop their skills and improve the quality of life for their families. It is far better to give to charities like this than the persistent beggars who hang around the Old Market in Siem Reap. They annoy tourists and I'm sure that some; if they had the will or the encouragement; could do something useful to earn a living. We are actively supporting the Angkor Association for the Disabled and welcome donations.

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Online e-Visa

On-Line Cambodian e-Visa

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